Black Jack

2009 May 27
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by Brandon Sargent


Petain, Haig, Foch, Pershing

Chin up!  Shoulders back!  Out of the Allied commanding generals above, Luit. General Pershing is the only one in this photo who actually looks like a soldier- and one who could still kick some ass when need be (and he did).  I just finished YANKS (by Brig. Gen. John S D. Eisenhower, USA, Retd.) over Memorial Day and am wondering why it sat on my bookshelf so long. It is a wonderful overview of the American experience in World War 1, starting with the search for an American commander through to training and the development of the Army’s current command and supply structure (largely based on the German model).  The account takes a broad look at the war- how Americans were incorporated into the Allied fighting forces and the development of divisions, corps, and finally armies without getting caught up in the minutiae of troop movements while still conveying the fluid nature of the American Expeditionary Force and the US Army’s maturation into a modern fighting machine. Of course, Eisenhower also covers the drama surrounding Pershing and Wilson’s staunch determination that Americans would fight as a force, as opposed to being incorporated into British and French units as replacements.  Also making appearances are Colonels Patton, MacArthur, and Marshall whose WW1 experience was invaluable in the coming conflict 25 years later.

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