Maharam Collab

2009 June 25
by Brandon Sargent

Paul Smith’s collaboration with notebook maker Rhodia/Clairefontaine received plenty of attention earlier this year when his specially designed notebooks celebrating the company’s 75th anniversary were released.  Recieving less notice was his collaboration with textile powerhouse Maharam which was shown at last year’s Neo Con.  A few of these samples have been hanging on my wall for the past few months and I figured you all might be interested.  The fabric has a very long repeat of 57″, ideal for couches- or any long piece of furniture for that matter.  Woven from 100% wool, the textiles have a very masculine appeal due to their somber color range, yet feel contemporary by virtue of the vibrant striping.  At $95 a yard, I guess I will be waiting a while to re-upholster my couch.  Other collaborations with Maharam include Andrée Putnam (interior designer), Maira Kalman (illustrator), and Bruce Mau (architect, designer), among others.


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