The Postman Always Rings Twice

2009 December 29
by Brandon Sargent


1.DJ-5A with 1970s color scheme

2.DJ-5 with 1950s color scheme

3. FJ-3 Fleetvan

4. CJ-3B experimental prototype

I cant believe how hard a time I had finding photos of something that used to be so ubiquitous and quintessentially American.  I still get excited when I see the mailman coming in anticipation of a postcard, letter, or new magazine.  Derek Redmond has a great site with a ton of photos and information on the CJ-3B and all of its variations (The above photos are all found his site).  Check it out, it’s a guaranteed work-stopper.

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  1. 2010 February 5

    I have wanted a right-hand-drive postal jeep since I was 12 years old. By golly, I need one. Hey, thanks for the link by the way!

  2. 2011 July 28
    kara permalink

    I love these, thanks for posting!

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