Going Brogue

2010 February 8
by Brandon Sargent


Actually, most of the shoes in the Florsheim Imperial line are 25% off in store, so save your concern- I will still be able to make rent this month. Sorry for posting a stock photo, but with the snow and all I haven’t quite had a chance to wear these guys yet. I have had my eye on this pair of Kenmoor longwings for a while and thanks to Uncle Sam they are now sitting on my shoe shelf! I know, I know…Florsheim isn’t what it used to be, and they are made in India, but I have high hopes that these will last a good long while into my career. Goodyear welted, steel-shanked, and double (triple?)-soled, they are built like a tank. Based on the other pairs I own, after wearing them a few times they should fit my feet like slippers- I will be sure to post an update.

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