2010 September 20
by Brandon Sargent

My wardrobe has up to this point consisted of mostly blue, grey, some white, and a few select shirts in other colors.  However, after popping into Brooks Brothers and being struck by the amazing display of this earthy hue of green, I will have to reconsider.  The sports jackets all had this incredible depth of color, with flecks of rust, yellow, blue, and lighter green.  It looks like its time to re-assess my [clothing] prejudices.  Fortunately, the Friends and Family promotion occurs this weekend…

On a side note, I also tried on the new extra-slim fit oxford sport shits.  I’m not quite sure what the fit model looks like, but i don’t think he looks like most of us.  I can wear a Fitzgerald suit (38R) right off the rack, but these shirts were either just tight enough to be uncomfortable (small) or like a tent (medium).  The neck size on the small felt like a 14 1/2, whereas the medium jumped to at least 16.  Such a shame because they are beautiful shirts – great weight and softness.  Hopefully they fit you better than me.


images are copyright Brooks Brothers and were found either online or in a catalog.

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  1. 2010 September 28

    I was in Brooks Brothers today and I agree, their fall lineup is spectacularly good looking. I was also pleased to find out they are now making slim-fit polos, although they’re still a little short on me.

    I have a couple of the slim-fit shirts but I haven’t tried the extra slim-fit yet, I was actually told by the salesman to avoid them as the armholes tend to be too high and can be quite uncomfortable to wear.

  2. 2010 September 29
    Brandon Sargent permalink

    The extra-slim fit is definitely for extra-slim guys. I was 0 for 3 – neck, sleeves, and chest all too small; the salesman you talked to was spot on. The small probably fits someone who wears a size 36/37 suit and the medium a 40. BIG difference. Hopefully the fit will be adjusted for the next fall season.

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